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San Antonio Rio Hondo, OW District, Belize


February 2011

Global Party: The Center is hosting a Peace Corps Global Party honoring the 50th anniversary of the Peace Corps. Everyone interested in honoring and knowing more about the Peace Corps along with Volunteers and Returned Peace Corps Volunteers are invited. Invitees will enjoy a five course meal while dining on the river boat. The date is March 1. At 11:00 am we will be in the community center watching presentations on the Peace Corps, Japanese Volunteer program, and the village of San Antonio Rio Hondo. At noon the boat will leave the dock to travel up the Rio Hondo through the jungle. The presentation in the community center is free and the cruise dining is $30 usd but volunteers in the Peace Corps or Japanese program pay only $30 BZ. We will return by 3:00 pm to permit participants to catch the next bus to Orange Walk. At least five village families will benefit financially from this event. Please email Rod Rylander at if you are interested in attending.

School Lunch Program: The Center is providing a nutritious noon meal every Tuesday for the 50 students attending the San Antonio elementary school. The program can be expanded to other days if additional donations of food or money are received.

Internet Access and Tutoring: The Center is providing the only internet access and tutoring for students in San Antonio Rio Hondo. Some grades have gone from C to A.

Tourist Destination: The Center is helping to market the village as an end tourist destination for people who want a down to earth experience in culture, nature, fishing, birding, archeology, geology, history, canoeing, bicycling, dining, etc. So far we have had tourists staying in homes, on the Mennonite farm, and in the new cabana that overlooks the river. Rentals, food service, and sales have aided in helping the village to improve and feed families. We need a steadier stream of visitors.

Functions on the Boat: The Center has hosted village council meetings, wedding, parties, and other events on the river boat of the Ark of Albion Education Center.

Outreach: The Center staff has worked on a regular basis with farmers to increase production of vegetables, fish, and livestock. It is in the process of helping farmers to construct pig pens using used tires for a low cost and durable alternative to concrete blocks.

Help and Assistance: If you wish to help with a project of the Center by giving time, energy, goods, or funds, contact me, Rod Rylander, at


A Christmas Story

by rodrylander 19. December 2010 05:02
Attached is a moving Christmas Story and photo - haven't yet learned how to paste it on here.

A CHRISTMAS STORY.docx (11.13 kb)


The north wind arrived

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Many people don't realize that Northern Belize receives the cold north winds that cross the gulf. So it can be very pleasant  here and at night blankets are used. You will see men pulling their coats up around them and their woven hats down. The days are getting shorter too. The cabana is finished and ready for tourists who wish to experience village life, river life, bird life, bicycling, and good food at very reasonable prices.  


River Boat for Rent

by rodrylander 1. November 2010 05:20
The Ark of Albion Education Center Boat is for rent for $100 usd for 5 hours for parties, etc. See the attachment

RIVER BOAT FOR RENT.docx (87.09 kb)


birdwatching in Belize

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Interior of cabana

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Workshops in Belize

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Workshops at the Ark of Albion Education Center.docx (103.76 kb)


Workshops for families, birdwatchers, natural builders, traditional tropical ways, etc are explained in the above flyer.


Canaba for rental in Belize village

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Construction of a Cabana

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